ADIB Etisalat Visa Platinium Card70,000 Sign Up Etisalat Reward points equivalent to 38 hours of UAE talk time (invitation only)

  • 70,000 Sign Up Etisalat Smiles points equivalent to 38 hours of UAE talk time!
  • For non-Self-funded Card earn 4 Etisalat Smiles points for every Dirham spent local and international transactions on the Card so every AED 100 spent is 13 minutes of UAE talk time.
  • For non-Self-funded Card earn 1 Etisalat Smiles points for every Dirham spent on Specific merchant* transactions on the Card so every AED 100 spent is 3 minutes of UAE talk time.
  • For Self-funded Card earn 2 Etisalat Smiles points for every Dirham spent local and international transactions on the Card so every AED 100 spent is 6 minutes of UAE talk time.
  • Withdraw 100% of your finance limit as cash
  • Up to 55 days Grace Period
  • Convenience to make your Card payments at ADIB Branches, ADIB deposit machines, UAE Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange and Al Fardan Exchange.

*Specific merchants are Supermarkets, Government Services (e.g. Fines, Taxes), Utilities, Education, Service/Petrol Stations, Real Estate Agents, Public Transport (e.g. Taxis, Metro, Buses), Road Tolls/Salik, Charities/Religious Organisation.

Dear Customer your ADIB Travel Desk service have been discontinued. Please visit our offer and promotions page to explore attractive offers as an ADIB covered card holder


Sign Up Etisalat Smile points

Your ADIB Etisalat Visa Platinum Card comes with 70,000 Etisalat Smile Points that’s equal to: 

  • More than 2100 minutes of talk time on calls within the UAE 
  • More than 1100 minutes of talk time on calls to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Oman 
  • More than 850 minutes of talk time on calls to Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia 
  • More than 700 minutes of talk time on calls to Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and the Philippines​​​

What's More,

You can conveniently redeem your Etisalat Reward Points for the payment of your below Etisalat services through Etisalat Smiles website​.

  • Mobile Bills
  • eLife Service
  • Air Tickets
  • Hotels
  • Holidays
  • Car Hires
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Online Rewards Shop​​​​​​​​​​​
Access to Airport Lounges worldwide via Veloce Lounge (Click here for a list of airport lounges)
​​Valet parking at select locations in the UAE (Click here for a list of locations)​​
For your convenience there are numerous ways to make your ADIB Covered Card Payment.
Click here for a list of all the Covered Card payment options ​​​

Covered Card Annual Fee 999
5th Supplementary Card Annual Fee (3) 999
Monthly Profit Rate (W/ Salary Transfer) 2.99%
Monthly Profit Rate (W/O Salary Transfer) 3.09%
Cash Withdrawal Limit 100%
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (4) 3% minimum 99
Card Replacement Fee (5) 75
Transfer of Excess Funds over the Cash Cover from Card to Account 100
Minimum Monthly Payment 5% minimum 100
Grace Period For Monthly Payment Up to 55 days
Donation Commitment to Charity in case of Late Payment Event (6)100
Temporary Increase Limit Fee 50
Non-AED Transaction Service Fee (7) 3.1%
AED International Transaction Service Fee (8) 1.8%
Copy of Sales Receipt Fee 25
Copy of Travel Fares / Hotel Receipt Fee 25
Liability / No Liability Letter 50
Copy of Additional Statement Fee 45
Returned Cheque Fee 100
Monthly Takaful Protection Contribution Amount (Optional) (9)0.9345 fils per 100 of the utilized cover amount

All of the above currencies are in AED unless mentioned otherwise


(3) Entitled to four Free Supplementary Cards until further notice. Annual fees will be applied on the 5th supplementary card and onwards.

(4) Includes cash withdrawal at ATMs, Exchange Houses or similar, transfer of the original cover of the Card to any ADIB Account. This will also include all Transactions at merchants classified as "Security Brokers/Dealers" (under Visa Merchant Category Code 6211) including but not limited to National Bonds Corporation Transactions. Additionally, such Transactions will not qualify for Etihad Miles, Cashback or any other reward scheme.

(5) For damaged Cards, no fee shall be applicable if the Cardholder delivers the damaged Card to the branch.

(6) If agreed upon with the customer and stipulated in the relevant document

(7) Added to the Non-AED transactions' wholesale foreign exchange market spot rate that is selected and applied by Visa on the date of conversion.

(8) For transactions that take place outside the UAE where the Cardholder pays the merchant in AED.

(9) The Monthly Contribution includes the Monthly Takaful Contribution and the fee of the arrangement, distribution and other services related to the Takaful scheme. For Takaful products, all contribution amounts are inclusive of VAT if applicable. For all Cards including Supplementary Cards, Monthly Contribution amount shall be linked to the Principal Card

With effect from 1st January 2018, a standard rate of 5% Value Added Tax ( VAT ) applies on the above fees as per the UAE VAT Law (Federal Decree-Law No (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax) and shall be added on the top of the above fees that are subject to VAT and shall be payable on the same due date of such fees

Required Documents


  • ​Original and copy of valid passport
  • Original and copy of valid Emirates ID
  • Bank account statement (last 3 months)
  • Salary certificate from current employer​ (not more than 30 days old)​